Our Programs

We work to create programs that have a measurable goals and impact, and then we constantly refine those programs to improve that impact. Our goal is to promote a better and more humane world for animals and for people.


Our main program is Adopt-a-Pet.com, which is North America’s largest non-profit homeless pet adoption website. It is a searchable database of adoptable pets in the US and Canada.

Adopt-a-Pet.com’s vision is “Every animal who enters a shelter leaves through the front door.” and its mission is “To remove obstacles that prevent people from finding—and being able to acquire—the right pet”.

We partner with thousands of shelters in the U.S. and Canada to display companion animals in need of adoption, and are visited by millions of people each month seeking to add a pet to their home. We send out over 18 million “new Pet Alert emails each month to people who have been asked to be notified when a pet they are seeking is added to our database.

With the help of our funders and partners, we have helped save many hundreds of thousands of pet lives and improved the lives of many hundreds or thousands of people by helping them add a new loving animal to their family. And those same funders help in making each adoption a long term success by providing information on pet nutrition, health care, and access to other useful products.

Natural Disaster Response

We have assisted in the response efforts to save animals in time of natural disasters, starting with Hurricane Katrina and continuing through today. We work with top animal welfare organizations to coordinate activities and have deployed technologies to help save lives and reunite families with their companion animals. This includes systems that make it possible for rescuers to find and save pets in distress, and systems for people to find long-term foster care for their pets until they are able to again have them back at home.

Strategic consulting for nonprofits

We speak at events and provide assistance to leadership at nonprofits who wish to have their organizations become more effective. We advocate wherever possible for methods to measure impact (or things likely to cause the desired impact) and to set goals and timelines around those measurements.

Other Programs

We work with a variety of funders and organizations to help animals and people in many different ways, and are always looking for innovations and approaches and to speed the pace and scope of positive change.